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Safari Horizons - the joys of a mobile safari

A mobile safari is exactly what it sounds like – a journey through a variety of different wildlife habitats, staying for a few nights in each area.

When you move location, your camp moves with you.

Each campsite is simply a designated, secluded area of bush with neither facilities nor fences.

Before your arrival and after your departure, there is no trace that anyone has stayed there, and the wildlife is free to wander through camp at any time.


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Welcome To Safari Horizons

Explore Botswana, it's beautiful scenery, parks, birdlife and wildlife with SAFARI HORIZONS on a mobile safari.

Botswana is considered one of Africa's premier wildlife countries and is the first choice for many African wildlife safari connoisseurs. With a range of habitats Botswana offers varied safari experiences and thats why we, Safari Horizons, understand why you would like to come on holiday to Botswana.

Botswana ranks on the world's Top 10 travel destinations list. Coach tours, Lodge and self-drive excursions work for some people, but others prefer the adventure of a mobile safari with a team and camps which move every few days.

Your comfort and dietry needs are specially catered for as are all your requirements. That is why we specialise in mobile safari holidays.

Safari Horizons, have traversed this wild and unspoilt land and know how to treat their guests to an adventure to remember.

A mobile safari with SAFARI HORIZONS is a unique experience on its own.

Our Mobile Safaris Offer...

Bird Watching

Vast wilderness, game-studded swamps and enormous dry woodlands.

Explore one of the world's best places to witness specials of the Kalahari, grasslands, swamps and floodplains,

The Okavango Delta, Khwai, Savuti and Chobe are among the best places to go on a birding safari in Botswana. Due to their exceptional diversity of habitats, the Okavango Delta Khwai, Savuti and Chobe areas are home to the most bird species in the country.

On a Botswana mobile safari, a drive along through the floodplains of the Delta and Chobe River will provide countless possibilities for bird watching.

Game Viewing

Botswana offers you an unparalleled safari adventure.

A combination of the Okavango Delta, CKGR, Khwai, Linyanti, Savuti and Chobe will present you with the contrasts of desert and delta encounters.

Spectacular herds of plains game followed by carnivores like Lion, Cheetah and Leopard and even Wild Dogs in some areas. Large numbers of Elephant, Buffalo, as well as the plains game followed by Lions and Leopards are almost guaranteed to be seen.

Those who have been to Botswana describe it as “wild”. Certainly, Botswana is more remote, untouched and pristine but just as remarkable as other African safari countries.

If you are an avid fan of elephants, this is the perfect place to go.

You can view one of the most famous lion prides in the world around Savuti and get a chance to witness the breathtaking African sunsets in contrasting landscapes – from desert lands to salt pans and delta.

Botswana also offers an array of exciting activities like horseback riding among zebras, wildebeests and giraffes.

About Company

Travel Horizon Safaris (Pty) Ltd T/A Safari Horizons is a wholly citizen owned company, which has an innovative team of skilled personnel. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver the most sought after commodity and professional tourism service.


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